Volvo team debuts in anniversary year

At the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix history comes alive – and occasionally is even made, at least on a small scale, as the following example shows: Team Volvo Classic-Racing is fielding as many as five cars and, in doing so, is celebrating its premiere. The drivers and organisers around Helmut Baumann had the idea of starting the project after having raced at the 2019 AvD OGP, where they competed in a Volvo 850 Turbo saloon. “This evolved into the purchase of the two 850 Turbo estate cars that we’re putting on the grid in addition to the saloon this year. Now, one year after the idea was born, we’re able to contest our first race in this constellation.”

The two Group A racers with additional stowage space are part of Nürburgring history themselves because in 1994 and 1995 they competed in the 24-hour race on the Nordschleife. “Since then, they haven’t been fielded in anymore races and have only been driven at Track Days in isolated cases,” says Baumann. Consequently, it took an extensive effort to get these exceptional touring cars ready for racing again. But this effort was worth it because only very few of the Group A estate cars, which are rarely prepared for racing to begin with, are still fit for the track. Now, for the 25th anniversary of their last commitment at the Nürburgring, they can be part of the action again at the same venue.

Joining the team in addition to the 850 Turbo saloon and the estate cars, in which Helmut Baumann, Klaus Niesen and Dr Michael Tapella race in the Touring Car Classics field, are two Volvo Amazon P122S. At the wheel of these cars are Dr Christian Werner and Mario Tapella, who are thus driving the origins of the team’s history because Baumann and his colleagues have been involved in motorsport in changing constellations for a long time. “The Amazon was a tip,” relates Baumann, “I got the Volvo racing cars via this model. There has only been one major engine repair in many races since the mid-90s and, except for that, we actually just need to refill air and petrol,” he says with a smile in commenting about the proverbial robustness of the Swedes.

© AvD / Gruppe C

© AvD / Gruppe C

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