Ringshausen Revival: spectacular show on the race track and in the paddock

The organisers of the Ringshausen Revival are delighted about huge response in conjunction with the Touring Car Classics. Many well-known drivers such as Roland Asch and Klaus Niedzwiedz used to drive for the Ford team in the DTM. Many visitors are flocking to the dedicated Revival marquee in the paddock today and one of the vehicles is also involved in the on-track action: Klaus Niedzwiedz is driving the Sierra Cosworth RS 500 that received a new wrap featuring the livery of his racing car from 1988. It’s actually Manuel Reuter’s former factory car which the Briton Paul Lintfort kindly made available for this weekend. “Actually, I was only supposed to participate in practice but then the Sierra was simply running like a charm, so we decided to participate in the race as well.”

Consequently, visitors are able to enjoy another great piece of DTM history on wheels in this race full of fascinating cars. For Niedzwiedz, it’s a journey into his personal past and today he’s amazed about the fact “that we had to do quite a bit of work at the wheel. The car is clearly more strenuous to drive than today’s racing cars. Steering is not power-assisted and you have to hit the brake quite hard. Shifting, unlike today, is not done using paddles in the steering wheel but by means of the classic lever. That’s definitely something for real men.”

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