Family outing in a Racing-BMW

Whenever this couple departs for an outing it’s not uncommon for them to be heading toward destinations like the Nürburgring or other race tracks: Frank Stippler and his wife, Eve Scheer, truly have petrol running in their veins. He as a race-driving engineer with countless track mileage clocked and she as a media expert and TV presenter with equally long-standing racing experience. So, meeting both of them at the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix comes as no surprise – accompanied, among others, by father and father-in-law Hermann Stippler – albeit in an unexpected constellation. This time, Eve and Hermann, her dad-in-law, are taking the wheel of a Racing-BWM 2002, whilst Frank has assumed the ‘gearhead’s’ role.

“We raced together for the first time two years ago,” says Eve Scheer, explaining the background of their entry in as many as two FHR races at the weekend. “Frank surprised us with it at the time – we were competing in an Alfa Romeo as part of the HTGT at Assen.” For the media expert, it was a little like ‘back to the roots’ because she contested her first racing season in 2002 in an Alfa 147 Cup car and, consequently, was immediately enamoured with driving a historic touring car: “It was huge fun for all of us,” she relates. “We have a strong reference to historic racing anyhow. Frank even started his career in a historic car.” For the team’s senior, Hermann, the entry amounted to a true change of pace because he’d never before raced in a touring car but gathered plenty of track experience (and kilometres) in shifter karting, at Track Days and similar occasions.

The guest entry evolved into a family racing project

So, when everyone is having fun, the family has a good time, plus all are well-connected in motor racing, continuing is not a far-fetched idea! The family had the opportunity to acquire a Group 2 BMW 2002, which had been prepared for racing – and was meticulously optimised once more by Frank Stippler, who is also servicing the BMW together with his old gearhead friend Patrick. Having an engineer like that in the family certainly comes in handy …

Eve Scheer: “We’ve been competing in the FHR as part of the HTGT since last year.” This weekend, the pairing is additionally racing in the AvD OGP / FHR Endurance Cup. “It’s huge fun but very challenging as well,” she relates. This is also evident when the drivers return from the race track. Scheer, a native of Cologne, reports with a telling grin that the feedback turns out to be ‘fair and square’ but the questions are precise and helpful – plus, the form curve in terms of results is pointing upwards. At the end of 2019, the family affair finished in the top ten.

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