AvD OGP: spectators are going to witness a speedy history session

The 48th AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix this weekend (7th – 9th August 2020) will no doubt leave many lasting memories: in view of the current corona situation a lot will be different at the Nürburgring – yet a lot will be familiar too. The specific rules include that the 5,000 spectators admitted per event day will have assigned seats in the grandstands. However, active participants and organisers in the paddock, just like the spectators, will have to stay amongst themselves subject to the special provisions of the event’s infection protection concept. Even so, a lot has remained the same: this year’s AvD OGP will again be a motorsport festival providing the opportunity to see numerous heroes of the past again, both those of metal and those of flesh and blood. Formula One racers such as Jacky Ickx and René Arnoux will participate as well as multiple Le Mans winner Marco Werner. The heroes of DTM history will compete in legendary racing touring cars in the rounds of the Touring Car Classics. The Formula One Revival will feature an exquisite parade of racing’s top category, whereas excellent GTs and sports cars from the 50s and 60s will be seen in the rounds of the Sports Car Classics. Plus, there will be touring cars, GTs, sports cars and pre-war cars, so there won’t be a dull moment at any time. Due to this year’s access restrictions (no admission to the paddock), tickets are sold at a 50-per cent discount on the regular price and made available exclusively on the Nürburgring homepage at www.nuerburgring.de/ogp. News, timetables and organisational schedules, plus many other details about the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix are available on the internet at www.avd-ogp.de.

Since the green light was given for admission of a limited number of spectators about a week before the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix, ticket sales will continue up until the event: tickets may be ordered from the Nürburgring homepage. Those choosing not to enjoy the summer weekend in the Eifel region can still watch the action at the Nürburgring on an eight-hour live stream provided directly from the Nürburgring on each day of the event. In addition to the on-track action, RTL reporter Peter Reichert will share horsepower stories from the paddock with the audience. The live stream can be watched via the homepage of the event (www.avd-ogp.de - Homepage), on Nürburgring TV and on the YouTube channels of the Nürburgring and the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix.

Creation of legends: in touch with Formula One and sports car history

There will be a lot to see both at the venue and in the live stream such as the demo round with Formula One legends from the 70s to the 90s. More than a dozen racing cars, especially from Ferrari, will hit the track, including 312-T models from Lauda & company as well as cars that used to be driven by Villeneuve, Prost, Mansell and Berger. Jacky Ickx (BEL) is a former star who will be sitting in the same 312 B3 in which he won the Grand Prix at the Nürburgring in 1972. The same model will also be driven by René Arnoux whilst ex-F1 star Giovanni Lavaggi (ITA) will be at the wheel of a 312 F1/69. Two other prominent guests will add a touch of colour. Ex-DTM driver Harald Becker will hit the track in a March 701 and sports car ace Ass Marco Werner will drive a Lotus 77 around the Grand Prix circuit. Another excellent field has announced its participation for the round of the two-seat racing cars and GTs up until 1960/61. Even though, due to corona, organiser Hubertus Graf von Dönhoff had to do without some entrants, particularly international ones, he managed to put together a remarkable field of more than 30 cars. In 2020, a special focus in this race of arguably the most beautiful sports cars and endurance racing cars will be on the somewhat smaller cubic capacity classes. For instance, an Abarth Simca 2000 cc will be on the grid of this race for the first time. In keeping with tradition, the audience will get to enjoy a display of motorsport legends. KR Egon Hofer (AUT), for example, will bring an extremely rare (and stunningly beautiful) 1966 Ferrari Dino 206 S to the Nürburgring. The Porsche 904 will be represented in the field as many as four times – by the way, in the first race on Saturday night ex-Formula One drivers Lavaggi and Arnoux will be sitting in two of these models. Moreover, the field on Saturday will be spearheaded by a remarkable Mercedes 300 SL: in 1956, Wittigo von Einsiedel won the GT class at the 1000-km race at the Nürburgring in the factory-prepared racing car. Numerous other successful races may make this car the most successful 300 SL still in existence. The GT and sports car race under the FHR (Fahrergemeinschaft Historischer Rennsport) umbrella features an attractive field as well: nearly 40 GTs and racing sports cars from the era between 1947 to 1961, from Porsche 356, Lister Jaguar to Ford GT40 through to Alfa Romeo Giulia and Shelby Cobra.

Homage to heroes: stars and top-class cars from DTM, DRM & company

The stars from the former Deutsche Rennsport-Meisterschaft (DRM) together with pedigree sports cars: this makes for a brilliant, perfectly harmonized mix. Following its successful debut last year, a mixed field will line up on the grid of one of the weekend’s most popular races again this year, promising spectacular racing. Besides Porsche 911 and 930, Ford ‘Turbo’ Capri or BMW M1 Procar from the DRM, other genuine racing cars will be on the grid such as Lola T310, Shevron B36, smaller Swift and Lola models as well as one of the impressive McLaren M8F cars. BMW 2002 and Ford Escort are bringing back memories of the DRM touring car classes that will make many spectators and visitors at the venue feel like they were watching racing from the 70s and 80s – or from the 80s and 90s because that is what the ample field of the Touring Car Classics is going to deliver. Here more than 50 vehicles will represent the finest of former touring car racing: in addition to DTM / ITC, they included the super touring cars from the STW, the BTCC as well as the DTC. Again, the former heroes will be sitting in many of these cars, such as Harald Grohs in a BMW M3 DTM, Peter Oberndorfer, Leopold Prinz von Bayern and Kris Nissen in a Group A BMW M3 E30, head of AvD Sport and former DTM champion Volker Strycek in an Opel Vectra, Peter and Stefan Mücke in a Ford Capri Zakspeed from the DRM, Frank Schmickler and Otto Rensing in a BMW M3. The latter, by the way, won a special sprint race in the opening event of the series at the Salzburgring. On Saturday, the cars of the ‘Golden Era’ will line up on the grid for a 20-minute race during which the high-powered cars from the DTM, ITC, Group 5, etc. will remain in the garages. On Sunday, all cars will meet again for a 40-minute round with one mandatory driver change so that amateurs and professional drivers can take turns at the wheel.

Touring car and GT racing

The other touring car and GT races at the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix will feature remarkable fields as well, consisting of endurance and sprint races. The AvD / Dunlop Historic Endurance Cup that has been newly added to the programme will be fielding more than three dozen historic vehicles in a two-hour race to be watched on Sunday morning. The one-hour fight of the Historic Touring Cars and GTs for the Dunlop Trophy (HTGT) will be packed with on-track action too: more than 40 cars will be battling it out in this event. Finally, the programme will be rounded out by the AvD Touring Car and GT Trophy with a one-hour race on Sunday night.

A century of motorsport on a single race weekend

Even though the current pandemic situation renders many of the usual activities at the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix impossible, one thing is still guaranteed: the weekend will offer a time journey through a century of motor racing. After all, the oldest racing car – a Rosengart RL 2 Sport to be driven by the Belgians Christian de Maeyer and Cyrille Pastorek in the Vintage Sports Car Trophy for pre-war cars – dates to the late 1920s. The most loyal AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix entrant will compete in the field of the automotive ancestors as well: Ulrich Sauer (Iserlohn) will be driving a 1938 BMW 328, like he has been ever since the inaugural AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix. The range of vehicles to be seen extends from these cars that evoke strong feelings of nostalgia all the way to today’s super sports cars. The FCD Racing Series, for instance, will feature a competition of contemporary Ferraris – all the way to the 2019 Ferrari 488 Challenge. When the Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup takes to the track, the racing will pick up even more speed: the super sports cars from Ingolstadt are cutting-edge GTs. This race will also include a really well-known participant who will more than likely not only pay a visit to colleagues from the Touring Car Classics: Audi brand ambassador Frank Biela – obviously sporting four rings on the bonnet – clinched the championship title in the 1991, but with five Le Mans victories under his belt showed his superior skills in the sports car cockpit as well.

2020 AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix: key details in a nutshell

  • Ticket info: Key facts on ticket sales as a PDF: https://bit.ly/30t27mt
  • Tickets: Will be sold exclusively via the Nürburgring homepage at www.nuerburgring.de/ogp
  • Stream: The AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix will be broadcast live from the Nürburgring, streaming can be watched on www.avd-ogp.de and will also be adopted by the YouTube channels of the AvD OGP and the Nürburgring.
    Schedule Saturday, August 8, 2020: 9.30 am – 5.30 pm
    Schedule Sunday, August 9, 2020: 9:30 am – 5.30 pm

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